Nathan Speir - Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist & Composer



Searching for Nepsis - CD in 4panel digipak

You can pre-order this cd now...however, shipping does not begin until February 1st 2019.

Nathan's 12th solo artist album, and his next chapter in ambient chamber music. 

“Searching for Nepsis” is an acoustic electric album of ambient chamber music filled with cellos, violin, piano, singing bowls, electric bass, acoustic guitar, some synthesizers, a duduk, and cajon. Nathan Speir takes another step forward as a recording artist performing and overdubbing instruments to paint a deep and moving statement about the heart’s gravitation to find a transcending sobriety of consciousness in the midst of life’s transient shadows. The new album features the single “Forest Lights”, released September 2018. The title track, “Searching for Nepsis”, is truly the full quintessence of the album, and, with an intentional 20 minutes and 20 seconds track length, “Searching for Nepsis” serves as a meditation on the approach of a new decade in the future year 2020.